When looking at race, I always looked at the color of the skin, not actually thinking about who came up with the term or why it holds such a power. After reading multiple different texts and watching videos over race, I learned that race has a lot to do with religion. Race creates new forms of power, like, the power to categorize and judge, the power to elevate and downgrade, and the power to include and exclude. This is very important when it comes to studying and understanding religion because there is power within religion. One of my favorite quotes from this lesson was from “Power” by Ibram X. Kendi and it says “the gift of seeing myself as black instead of being color-blind is that it allows me to clearly see myself historically and politically as being an antiracist, as a member of the interracial body striving to accept and equate and empower racial difference of all kinds.” What people need to understand is that race and racism are systematic and structural issues and that they are not individual choices. Just the idea of race legitimates the unequal structures of power.